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Ilham Baru Tower (IB Tower), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

IB Tower consists of 60 floors of offices, services and apartments. It is located along Jalan Binjai, near the Kuala Lumpur Conventional Centre (KLCC). Scanclimber’s partner in South-East Asia, Scan-Rent Sdn Bhd Malaysia was awarded the contract to supply Mast Climbing Work Platforms for the cladding work on the IB Tower building in July 2013. The initial platforms were shipped in June 2013 and dismantling started in December 2014. In the initial phase the contractors were considering suspended platforms and scaffolding to perform cladding work, but after discussions with Scan-Rent, this possibility was rejected and it was decided to go with Scanclimber’s advanced MCWP solution.

The Fennel Sentul East 6 1, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Fennel Project is the construction of an iconic landmark consisting of four, 150-meter blocks in the area of Sentul, Malaysia. After an analysis and an understanding of the project requirements, Scanclimber’s design team came up with specially customized sliding decks for SC4000 mast climbing work platforms. This special configuration called Counter Balanced Extension (CBE) included two separate long sliding decks on both sides of the mast. This CBE arrangement on each side of the mast formed one SC4000 MCWP unit. Both extensions were independent and balanced by a special counterweight system

Menara Shell, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Installation pecten on Menara Shell Head Quarters. The pecten height is 6 metre, and weight is 1.2 Tonnes. The building is 160 meters tall. 

 The Ulu Jelai Power Station is a hydroelectric power station under construction in the district of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. It is one of the entry point projects under the Economic Transformation Programme. 

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