Gondola Brochure

Gondola – E.Lift 500 & 800  Electric Hoist

The E.Lift 500 electric hoist has a lifting capacity of 500kg, which enables quick height access (9m/min at 50hz frequency and 10.5m/min at 60 Hz) that operates with a working wire-rope

and a safety wire-rope.


  • Electric hoist that can be combined with the FIXEO® exclusive suspended platform on mast system

  • Electric hoist that can be combined with "C-stirrups"

  • Automatic wire-rope passage

  • Unrestricted working height

  • Extremely sturdy hoist

  • Quick access to electrical and mechanical components

  • Light and ergonomic

  • Compact hoist


 230V ·50Hz          400V ·50Hz

l kW                        0.74 kW

7 A                          2.8 A

21 A                        11 A

44 kg                     39 kg

500 kg                  500 kg

9 m/min              9 m/min

4.5 m/min           4.5 m/min

8.3 mm                8.3 mm

X                             X 


Motor power


Starting peak

Hoist weight

Lifting capacity

Climbing speed 

Emergency descent

Wire-rope diameter

EN 1808 compliance

e.lift 500 M          e.lift 800T